Last few days to see the famous Ribchester Roman cavalry helmet

Ribchester Roman Museum is celebrationg its centenary this year and showing off the famous Ribchester cavalry helmet and mask. This was found in the village in 1796 near what was the Eastern gate of the fort but subsequently taken to the British Museum. The helmet was voted Britain’s “second best Roman find”, behind the Vindolanda tablets, by the viewers of Time Team.

Those who have gone to see the helmet say that it is much much better than the copy which the museum normally displays.

We understand that the helmet goes back to London at the end of this month, so make sure you see it while you can.

Historic Farm Buildings Group – Lancashire Conference – Sunday

Yesterday, we visited a host of small to medium sized barns but, today, it was time to see two really big ones. However, before we set off in the coach, Jamie Quartermaine of Oxford Archaeology North gave us a fascinating presentation called ‘Flowing through Time: the archaeology of the Ribble Valley’ introducing delegates to the impressive archaeology of the valley, from Ribblehead to Hesketh Sands. Continue reading “Historic Farm Buildings Group – Lancashire Conference – Sunday”

Hidden Valley Field Walk 20.9.14

Hidden Valley 1
Roofing ridge tiles in a dry stone wall

Six of us began at Lower Sabden Fold, observing the coaching ‘triangle’ created to allow carriages to negotiate the tricky corner and walked W along the coaching road before turning S down the track to The Old House. The site of our previous bloomery excavation was pointed out to those who had not seen it before, along with other features in the area such as the supposed rath excavated by Mary Higham and the approximate site of a supposed Bronze Age burial. Unfortunately, due to the very dull flat light, much of the ridge & furrow usually visible in this area was very difficult to see. Continue reading “Hidden Valley Field Walk 20.9.14”

Historic Farm Buildings Group – Lancashire Conference – Saturday

Downham Hall
Downham Hall

The conference got underway at 9.15am at Downham Village Hall with a wonderful talk by Joan Grundy about the development of dairy farming in Lancashire from the 17th to 20th centuries and how history impacted on the design of cow sheds and cattle stalls. Joan gave us a real insight into how barns and cowsheds actually worked and how they grew steadily larger. Continue reading “Historic Farm Buildings Group – Lancashire Conference – Saturday”

Historic Farm Buildings Group – Lancashire Conference Gets Underway

People from as far away as Cornwall arrived at Downham Village Hall this evening for the  Historic Farm Buildings Group  2014 conference. There was a nice relaxed atmosphere as delegates were eager to study the beautiful Pendleside farms and barns over the next few days. Two members of Pendle Heritage were also there.  Continue reading “Historic Farm Buildings Group – Lancashire Conference Gets Underway”

Glen Mills …The end

A Colne landmark which stood since 1906 finally disappeared on Thursday August 14th.  Glen Mills which over the years provided jobs for many people until the sad decline of the textile trade. The chimney was knocked down using a huge bit of heavy plant, it took only 10 mins…..The end of an era

Committee Meeting

The Exec Committee held their first meeting of the new season,  in the comfortably re organised   “ Friends Room “ at the Heritage Centre, today.
We had three hours of lively discussion with lots and lots of ideas put forward.

There was not even time for tea and biscuits -this will be remedied next time- hence the slightly glazed look in our eyes!

Clearing the Kitchen Garden – Day 1

We began to clear the kitchen garden yesterday. We first removed useful plants, to recycle in the garden, then the weeds and then cut backoverhanging branches from the trees by the little stream. It was a lovely hot day though fortunately for us, we were working in the shade.

The next work day is Thursday (tomorrow).

Saltaire and a less than respectable family!

Ellin Dooley and her Bloomers!_procWith only 11 participants rather than the planned 17, we arrived at Saltaire United Reformed Church at 11.30am as instructed and were ushered in by an extremely common mill girl, Ellin Dooley.  As we sat relaxing in the pews, she introduced Mrs Caroline Hill ‘who is ever so good to me, you know.  Why only this morning she gave me some lovely frilly bloomers because mine were still damp.  Look…’ as she pulled up her skirt to reveal them! Continue reading “Saltaire and a less than respectable family!”

Traditional Roses at Park Hill

Now is the time to enjoy the old variety roses and other cottage flowers at the Pendle Heritage Centre gardens. We’ve started pinning some photos but better still, spend some time at the centre one morning or afternoon while the garden is in full bloom. There is plenty to see and enjoy.