Wycoller Hall Excavation – 17th May

We had a great sunny Saturday, excavating to the rear of Wycoller Hall as part of the Wonders and Mysteries of Wycoller day.  In the adjacent Aisled Barn there was an exhibition of our last dig at Wycoller, the site of the Georgian Hot House plus a collection of prehistoric finds by a member of the Friends of Wycoller. So archaeology was well represented. The weather was almost perfect, just a touch windy for the paper work for the super critical!

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May Garden

The kitchen garden has become a subtle green oasis over the last two weeks.  I have added some photos to the Spring Pinterest Board which I hope you will like.

Many thanks to our gardeners and garden volunteers for all their efforts. If you fancy spending some time helping out in the garden, just contact Angela on 01282 677154  or angela.white@htnw.co.uk

Wycoller Monuments Project 8

It was good to meet up with the gang of volunteer wardens and Friends of Wycoller after having three weeks off. There was a slight sense of urgency as we began preparations for the ‘Wonders and Mysteries of Historic Wycoller’ event on 17th May, but not enough to stop us observing Blue Tits nesting via a hidden camera and watching the ducklings waddle around the toilet block to the pond! Continue reading “Wycoller Monuments Project 8”

April Garden Photos

Things are warming up at Park Hill with more visitors arriving each day. The gardens are also coming to life and photos taken by Joe on 30th April have been added to the Spring Pinterest Board.

Many thanks to our gardeners and garden volunteers for all their efforts. If you fancy spending some time helping out in the garden, just contact Angela on 01282 677154  angela.white@htnw.co.uk

Conservation work at Sawley Abbey

Sawley Abbey is an important ancient monument nestling close to Pendle Hill and cared for by English Heritage with assistance from Heritage Trust for the North West. While the grounds have been kept in excellent condition by the Trust, the monument itself has slowly declined with the walls shedding mortar and stone fragments and the DSCN7556tiles of the medieval chapel floors damaged by damp and frost action. Continue reading “Conservation work at Sawley Abbey”

Membership Mailing Workshop

Membership secretary, Cathryne Lobley, had us well organised today stuffing envelopes with everyone’s new membership card and an update on events. You should be receiving these in the next day or two.

Pendle`s Hidden Valley: Field Walk 5th April

A small group joined by new member, Len, undertook a field walk of a portion of the Hidden Valley, commencing from the track adjacent to St Nicholas’ church. With a very helpful commentary on the history of the area from Brian, the lodges and bank features were pointed out and ancient field boundaries noted. The site of a bloomery, previously noted, was examined and the possibility of carrying out trial trenches excavation this summer discussed. The route covered took us up the side of Black Hill which gave a good overview of the valley and down the hillside back into the village of Sabden. Brian pointed out a trackway which he thought was the original road down from the hilltop and across the valley. We all agreed that this looked very probable. The area around the bridge was examined, looking for possible mill lodge overflows into the river.
Time and the weather defeated us at that point so it was agreed that the planned second portion of the route across the other side of the valley would take place at a later date

Four Spring Talks plus a Surprise!

Scan 1Friday evening’s ‘Four Spring Talks’ was a  relaxed and very enjoyable time.  Alex Whitlock got things off to a good start with a fascinating overview of the pre-historic stone tools found in recent years in the Wycoller area, most of which are of Mesolithic date. Paul Hickman continued the archaeological theme by descibing four digs he was involved in last year, in the counties of Dorset, Cumbria and Lancashire. Gillian Greenwood returned the focus to Wycoller and Trawden by showing the great variety of bridges, ancient and modern, that exist there while David Morris illustrated the recent restoration of Rochdale Town Hall’s Victorian Exchange. Mike Handford then surprised everybody by announcing his discovery of several documents from the early days of the Archaeology Group, including the hand-written minutes of the very first meeting in 1983, which several present had actually been at.  The evening finished with tea, coffee and buisuits and much discussion and reminiscing!