Wycoller Monuments Project 8

It was good to meet up with the gang of volunteer wardens and Friends of Wycoller after having three weeks off. There was a slight sense of urgency as we began preparations for the ‘Wonders and Mysteries of Historic Wycoller’ event on 17th May, but not enough to stop us observing Blue Tits nesting via a hidden camera and watching the ducklings waddle around the toilet block to the pond!










As our contribution to the Wonders and Mysteries day, we are planning an archaeological dig of a part of Wycoller Hall, one in which non-experts can have a go. Today, we began to get the site ready by spraying the nettles and tidying up. We also cut down the last of the saplings from the ruined walls, just as an almightly shower ended the day’s work. If you are interested in having a go at the archaeological did, contact David Morris at pendleheritage@gmail.com or book here.

GoingGoneWe’ll make the final preparations for the Wonders and Mysteries event at the May 14th Wycoller Monuments Project 9.






Duck 1Duck 2



Duck 3