Medieval Cruck Barn Interior

The Friends seek to conserve the Pendle Heritage Centre through fund raising and and volunteering. In 2015, we implemented various schemes for Park Hill house, barn, garden and woodland.  We use resources efficiently, providing free conservation advice, architectural expertise and labour, to complement expert contractors when these are needed.

For 2016, the focus is on the medieval Cruck Barn, the oldest structure at the Heritage Centre. We want to bring it into community use, restore the ancient timbers and provide interpretation for visitors. Work has begun and the aim is to complete it by June 2016. If you would like to help our conservation work by making a donation, please contact us at  and we’ll get back to you with bank details etc.

We also help conserve historic Wycoller, part of the Bronte Country of Haworth. Wycoller Hall was the inspiration for ‘Ferndean Manor’ in Charlotte Bronte’s novel ‘Jane Eyre’. We hold practical  conservation days and advise on conservation matters. We also interpret  the various historic buildings, including clothiers houses, weavers cottages, packhorse bridges, ancient stone gate posts and walls.

We have an ongoing conservation project on a site to the rear of Wycoller Hall which was once lost beneath young saplings and brambes. It appears to be the remains of the late sixteenth century house.

Wycoller Hall - Clearing the Site
Rear of Wycoller Hall – Clearing the site
Wycoller Hall - Exposing the cobbled surface
Rear of Wycoller Hall – Removing weeds and brambles
Wycoller Hall - exposing the historic surface
Rear of Wycoller Hall – exposing the historic surface

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