Conservation of Lomeshaye Bridge Mill

On the invitation of the Heritage Trust for the North West, Thursday’s Friends committee meeting (25th June) was held at the newly restored Lomeshaye Mill, the most recent of the Trust’s conservation projects.

After the meeting, which concentrated on the Friends’ autumn and winter programmes, John Miller gave us a tour of the now largely restored building. The mill has four floors in total and two have been fully refurbished with the other two receiving repairs, such as replacement columns. The mill exterior has been repaired and new provided windows throughout. The windows and other restoration work was carried out by the Trust’s conservation team. A new central staircase and lift have been inserted and the old industrial lift repaired. The Trusts’ joinery workshop is on the ground floor and new heritage related uses are being devised for the other floors.

There are superb views from the mill. One can see several other Trust buildings, including Bridge Cottage, Lomesh

aye Bridge Shed, former Lomeshaye School and former St. Mary’s Church. Here are some photographs…

Lomeshaye Bridge MillLomeshaye Bridge Mill  new liftLomeshaye Bridge Mill new staircaseLomeshaye Bridge Mill window refelections Lomeshaye Bridge Mill top floor refurbishedLomeshaye Bridge Mill roof trussesLomeshaye Bridge Mill  top of new stairs Lomeshaye Bridge Mill  central pod on top floorLomeshaye Bridge Mill unrefurbished floor Lomeshaye Bridge Mill ground floor joiners' shopLomeshaye Bridge Mill old industrial lift repaired Lomeshaye Bridge Mill view to Bridge Cottage, Spring Bank MillsLomeshaye Bridge Mill  view to St. Mary's ChurchLomeshaye Bridge Mill view over the weaving shedLomeshaye Bridge Mill view to Lomeshaye Mill chimney and Pendleside


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