Would you like a Heritage Gardening Group?

www.pinterest.com4_procIt was a great summer for the heritage centre gardens, they were especially attractive this year… we took quite a few photos!

The eighteenth century walled garden is a pioneer of garden restoration, meticulously recreated from historical records. Traditional plants give it an authentic old world character. As gardens go, it’s rather special.

www.pinterest.com2Several Friends have suggested we start a heritage garden group for anyone interested in historic gardens and old plants. Such a group might:

  • be  responsible for looking after a stretch of the walled garden;
  • have talks about historic gardens and gardening; and,
  • visit other historic gardens to compare with our own.




So far, we have archaeology, heritage and conservation groups and starting a gardening group sounds a great idea. The centre is fully supportive, so it’s now over to you.  Do you like the idea?  If so, would you like to meet up in the tea room  to discuss it further?

If you are interested, please email me back at pendleheritage@gmail.com

David Morris, Chairman, Friends of Pendle Heritage


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