Pendle`s Hidden Valley: Field Walk 5th April

A small group joined by new member, Len, undertook a field walk of a portion of the Hidden Valley, commencing from the track adjacent to St Nicholas’ church. With a very helpful commentary on the history of the area from Brian, the lodges and bank features were pointed out and ancient field boundaries noted. The site of a bloomery, previously noted, was examined and the possibility of carrying out trial trenches excavation this summer discussed. The route covered took us up the side of Black Hill which gave a good overview of the valley and down the hillside back into the village of Sabden. Brian pointed out a trackway which he thought was the original road down from the hilltop and across the valley. We all agreed that this looked very probable. The area around the bridge was examined, looking for possible mill lodge overflows into the river.
Time and the weather defeated us at that point so it was agreed that the planned second portion of the route across the other side of the valley would take place at a later date