Four Spring Talks plus a Surprise!

Scan 1Friday evening’s ‘Four Spring Talks’ was a  relaxed and very enjoyable time.  Alex Whitlock got things off to a good start with a fascinating overview of the pre-historic stone tools found in recent years in the Wycoller area, most of which are of Mesolithic date. Paul Hickman continued the archaeological theme by descibing four digs he was involved in last year, in the counties of Dorset, Cumbria and Lancashire. Gillian Greenwood returned the focus to Wycoller and Trawden by showing the great variety of bridges, ancient and modern, that exist there while David Morris illustrated the recent restoration of Rochdale Town Hall’s Victorian Exchange. Mike Handford then surprised everybody by announcing his discovery of several documents from the early days of the Archaeology Group, including the hand-written minutes of the very first meeting in 1983, which several present had actually been at.  The evening finished with tea, coffee and buisuits and much discussion and reminiscing!