Wycoller Monuments Project 2 – 29th January

DSCN7333 - CopyOur second Wycoller Monuments conservation day started like the first…. with rain!  Eventually, it lessened and we were able to get out and pick up where we left off last week, clearing the trees, brambles and other plants that covered the exposed archaeological remains at the rear of Wycoller Hall.

We made good progress and the area is now clear of trees and shrubs.  This meant we could begin to remove the moss and expose the large stones.  We were surprised at the number of carved stones from doorways and the like.  As low walls began to be visible, we had a good time trying to work out the purpose of the original seventeenth century buildings.

DSCN7339 - CopyIf you would like to come along to the next conservation day on 12th February, email David Morris at  pendleheritage@gmail.com. You will be most welcome.