Pendle’s Hidden Valley

Today, the Archaeology Group had its first meeting for a new project called Pendle’s Hidden Valley which plans to research the distant past of the valley between Portfield and Water Meetings, via Sabden and Newchurch.  We met at the Pendle Heritage Centre with members of Pendle Forest History Group and Read History Group.  In the morning session, Alex Whitlock outlined what is known of the archaeology and how we might organize the project. After lunch we managed to avoid the rain for an hour and had a good look along and across the valley.

Hidden Valley

The aims of the project are as follows.

1 – to gain an overview of the chronological sequence of archaeology in the study area, from the prehistoric to the present, with an emphasis on the pre-Conquest.

2 – to record the extant archaeology in the study area

3 – to determine the linear and lateral time lines and interrelationships of the sites of the study area

4 – to endeavour to discover what factors influenced the development of the specific areas of investigation

If anyone is interested in joining us, see the Events page for information on subsequent meetings.