Sawley Abbey in Rags

Sawley Abbey, which is managed by Heritage Trust for the North West, is undergoing a steady programme of conservation by English Heritage. This trial and error approach is often the best way to do things but is not always possible for site management reasons. Experimental repointing and stabilization was followed by soft topping the walls with turf to absorb rainfall more slowly and protect the tops of the walls. There is now extensive repair and lime repointing taking place of the lower parts of the walls. Because of the time of year, the work is shielded by large hessian sheets hung over the work to protect it from premature drying out and/or freezing.

If you are interested in the conservation skill of lime repointing, there is a half day course at the heritage centre on the 5th March. CLICK HERE for details.

For earlier posts on the conservation work, CLICK HERE.

Sawley Abbey 1 Sawley Abbey 3 Sawley Abbey 4

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