Goodbye Vienna by Christine Wilshaw

Goodbye Vienna 2 On a cold January day, around 30 people attended the first afternoon talk of 2016.  A teenage Jewish girl leaves Vienna on the Kindertransports in 1938 to escape the Nazis. Finally arriving in England and fostered by a wonderful British family she went on to marry at only 17 years old and become a mother to a daughter (Christine) and a boy.  She died of polio when only 27 years old. During the initial months of her new life she learned English and left behind her story in a beautifully illustrated small book, now deposited in the Imperial War Museum.  This was a moving and intensely human story supported by excellent illustrations.  For those who’d like to know more Chris and husband Rod will shortly be publishing a book on the subject.  We expect it will be avilable in the PHC bookshop.

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