Archaeology Group Update

In the last month or so the Archaeology Group has concentrated on the Hidden Valley project. We have completed Phase 1 – the initial field walking – and have been continuing with our excavations up at Craggs.

IMAG6804_procThe latest excavation involved opening up a kiln site. What was being produced is still a mystery, the most likely candidates being potash or lime. We are revisiting this trench with a view to reaching the natural and hopefully discovering more about its purpose and date. More excavations & field walks are planned over the coming months, but we could do with some help on the research side.

IMAG7061_procJuly is also the month of our joint event with our friends from Ingleborough Archaeology Group. This year it was our turn to act as hosts. We walked & talked around our various dig sites & took in the views and sites including a visit to the “Devil’s Footprint”. We ended the walk on the northern edge of the Hidden Valley and its views across to North Yorkshire. The weather was well behaved and it was a most genial day. We look forward to visiting the Ingleborough Archaeology Group’s limestone area next year.

If you are interested in joining in, or just learning a little more, please come and join us on a walk, talk, or dig. You will be most welcome.

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