A Walk to Constant Mary, Read

Despite very cold and uncertain weather 14 people, mainly members, turned up for what was an informative, and fascinating walk led by Brian Jeffrey to the site of the 18th Century coal mine about which he and Richard gave such a memorable talk last year (Late 18th Century Mechanisation of Dunkirk Coal Pit, Read).  Brian’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the area was immediately apparent as he listed things we were not going to talk about – the Civil War, the 14th Century corn mill etc!  He then started to explain the routes of the tramways, the explanation for other earthworks and features as we walked across to the wheel pit that he and Richard excavated over 7 years.  To see for the first time what two men achieved is truly breathtaking but to then have the details of the site explained to  gain a clear understanding of how it all worked enthralled the audience.  We then moved on to the engine drivers house where we managed to eat our lunches despite some very inquisitive cows.  Our return route was along the old tramway where we all agreed it had been an exceptional walk, perhaps the next one will be the role that the area played in the Civil War.

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  1. Hi Julie, Yes it is. I’m not sure whether there is anything published but I’ll forward your message to the experts on the area.

  2. Dunkirk sounds a fascinating place to visit. Is it possible to find written information about it as I am hoping to lead a walk there next Summer. Many thanks Julie

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