Wycoller Monuments Project 7

DSCN9657The Conservation Group met up again on 09/04/2014 to carry on the monuments project at Wycoller. We started off with a discussion about what we wanted to achieve now that we have improved the setting and appearance of the three bridges and the hall. We decided to continue with the ruins at the rear of the hall, as this would complete the project fully, though we are not quite sure what the ‘end game’ is because of the large pile of stone rubble which has been tipped on the site. Further thought and consuDSCN9651ltation with Lancashire County Council and the Friends of Wycoller will be needed.

We carried on removing Ash saplings from the rear wall and built a barrier of branches to deter people from climbing on the bank at the rear of the wall. We should finish this section of work off completely at out next meeting on 30th April.

It was dull at first but later on the sun came out and, with all the daffodils around, it was a great place to be!

If anyone would like to join us on 30th April, let me know by booking a place in the Events diary here –  http://www.pendleheritage.co.uk/events/conservation-group-wycoller-monuments-project-8/


David M