The Cruck Frame Barn

The Cruck Frame Barn was not part of the original Pendle Heritage Centre site. It stood in Burnley for many years, and, when it was threatened with demolition in 1983, the Trust rescued it and rebuilt it at the rear of the Centre to provide an example of the early building technology complementing the other parts of Park Hill, which illustrates the history of building styles down the ages up to the present day.

We are making the Cruck Barn Project the focal point for the 40th Anniversary
celebrations and will be holding events relating to this project throughout the year.

These include:

  • Fund-raising Dinners in the Park Hill Barn;
  • A one day conference organised by the Lancashire Local History Federation;
  • An Open Day to explain the project;
  • A series of Lectures;
  • Attract the next generation of supporters.

The Trustees want to upgrade and improve the facilities.
Work will include:

  • Repairs to the stone slate roof and provision of insulation;
  • Construction of a lean-to kitchen and lavatories at the rear of the Barn;
  • Installation of a heating system;
  • Rewiring and provision of new lights and power points;
  • Upgrading footpaths and access to the kitchen facilities at the rear of Park Hill, and car parking across the main road.

The restoration will complement existing uses of the site and help to generate more income, and help to making the Centre more sustainable.


The cost is estimated to be around £350,000. The Trustees intend to apply
to the Heritage Lottery Fund and other bodies for grants, but the Trustees will
have to raise some of the money them-selves.