Local Heritage

Park Hill, Barrowford

The Pendle Heritage Centre supports the conservation and interpretation of Pendle Hill and its countryside, hamlets and villages all of which form part of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

The gateway to the AONB is Park Hill, Barrowford, which is an ancient farming and textile settlement that goes back to medieval times and the Barrowford vaccary set up in the 1200s to produce oxen for the Lord de Lacy.  The centre’s museum tells the story of the buildings and heritage of Park Hill and the Barrowford area. It is open for visitors all year round with a tea room, gift shop and bookshop. The heritage of Barrowford can be traced on a fascinating trail available in the centre bookshop.


Higherford Mill Arts Centre

On the opposite side of Pendle Water is an old toll house while further upstream is Higherford Mill, a pioneering cotton factory now an Arts Centre.  Like Park Hill, these buildings were saved by Heritage Trust for the North West, which has rescued many buildings in the Barrowford area including Lomeshaye Bridge Mill, Whitefield.




Blog Posts: Local History

  • Pendle’s Hidden Valley

    Pendle’s Hidden Valley

    Today, the Archaeology Group had its first meeting for a new project called Pendle’s Hidden Valley which plans to research the distant past of the valley between Portfield and Water Meetings, via Sabden and Newchurch.  We met at the Pendle Heritage Centre with members of Pendle Forest History Group and Read History Group.  In the ...

  • Richard Matthews lecture on Dunkirk Pit, Read near Padiham, Lancashire.

    Richard Matthews lecture on Dunkirk Pit, Read near Padiham, Lancashire.

    A total of 33 people turned out on a cold November evening to listen to Richard Matthews describe five years of hard physical work and painstaking research to uncover the secrets of a lost coal mine in Read near Altham.  Richard together with his colleague Brian Jeffreys have uncovered a host of fascinating artefacts, reconstructed ...

  • Pendle Murders

    Our October talk looked at the darker side of life in Pendle. “Pendle Murders” was the title of an entertaining talk presented by Fiona McIntyre. What a place Pendle as been! Many murders caused by unhappy marriages and heavy drinking (did one cause the other? I ask). Fiona managed to add a little humour to ...

  • Trip to Lancaster Castle 16th November 2013

    Trip to Lancaster Castle 16th November 2013

    The second of our one day trips using only a couple of our own cars proved to be a successful as the first. Rendezvousing at Lancaster South Services for a coffee we then set off for a pre-arranged tour of Lancaster Castle. One and a half hours passed all too quickly as we were entertained, informed ...

  • Autumn at Park Hill

    Autumn at Park Hill

    Autumn can be a somewhat scruffy as plants die away and leaves drop; but it can be poignant too; like when gentle sunlight makes the Autumn colours glow.  Here are some photos of Park Hill at the end of October 2013.

  • Autumn Vignettes – Brookside Printworks, Oswaldtwistle

    Autumn Vignettes - Brookside Printworks, Oswaldtwistle

    Brookside Printworks was one of the very first textile printing factories in Britain, set up by the Peels of Oswaldtwistle in the mid 1700s.  They were a notable family of early industrialists which subsequently produced Sir Robert Peel (1788-1850), Prime Minister of the 1830s-40s and the creator of the Police Force, named after him as ...

  • Autumn trip to Anglesey and North Wales

    Autumn trip to Anglesey and North Wales

    Twenty members boarded the coach bound for South Stack near Holyhead to view the ancient hut circles in warm sunshine (yes, this was October!). After a picnic lunch and many favourable comments on how the site is being maintained and interpreted, we retraced our steps for a guided tour of Telford’s masterpiece – The Menai ...

  • Wycoller Recording Barns

    Wycoller Recording Barns

    The archaeology group took some old fashioned film photos of Wycoller and Barrowford barns during Spring and early Summer. They used film because it captures the huge tonal range of barn interiors better than digital. Here is a selection of barns built in the 1600s and early 1700s.

  • Summer 2013 at Park Hill

    Summer 2013 at Park Hill

    Summer 2013 was lovely at Park Hill, the home of the Pendle Heritage Centre. Click here for some photos taken by Joseph Morris at the end of May, just as things began to warm up.  

  • Archaeology Christmas party

    Archaeology Christmas party

    The Archaeology Group held its Christmas party in the barn function suite at Park Hill on the evening of Saturday 14th December.  A quiz started the evening.  After indulging in a buffet of quiche, cold meats, salads, trifle, mince pies and a slice of Gillian’s excellent Christmas cake, we were expected to take part in ...