Local Heritage

Park Hill, Barrowford

The Pendle Heritage Centre supports the conservation and interpretation of Pendle Hill and its countryside, hamlets and villages all of which form part of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

The gateway to the AONB is Park Hill, Barrowford, which is an ancient farming and textile settlement that goes back to medieval times and the Barrowford vaccary set up in the 1200s to produce oxen for the Lord de Lacy.  The centre’s museum tells the story of the buildings and heritage of Park Hill and the Barrowford area. It is open for visitors all year round with a tea room, gift shop and bookshop. The heritage of Barrowford can be traced on a fascinating trail available in the centre bookshop.


Higherford Mill Arts Centre

On the opposite side of Pendle Water is an old toll house while further upstream is Higherford Mill, a pioneering cotton factory now an Arts Centre.  Like Park Hill, these buildings were saved by Heritage Trust for the North West, which has rescued many buildings in the Barrowford area including Lomeshaye Bridge Mill, Whitefield.




Blog Posts: Local History

  • Conservation work at Sawley Abbey

    Conservation work at Sawley Abbey

    Sawley Abbey is an important ancient monument nestling close to Pendle Hill and cared for by English Heritage with assistance from Heritage Trust for the North West. While the grounds have been kept in excellent condition by the Trust, the monument itself has slowly declined with the walls shedding mortar and stone fragments and the ...

  • Spring Trip

    Spring Trip

    Click below for a report of the trip to Peterborough, Ely and Lincoln Spring Trip 2014

  • Concern over the Future of Brierfield Town Hall

    Concern over the Future of Brierfield Town Hall

    There is some uncertainty over the future of Brierfield Town Hall according to the Burnley Express. The Town hall is a Grade II Listed Building (click here) lying at the centre of the town. This old photograph can be found on the Brierciffe Society web site.

  • Membership Mailing Workshop

    Membership Mailing Workshop

    Membership secretary, Cathryne Lobley, had us well organised today stuffing envelopes with everyone’s new membership card and an update on events. You should be receiving these in the next day or two.

  • Wycoller Monuments Project 7

    Wycoller Monuments Project 7

    The Conservation Group met up again on 09/04/2014 to carry on the monuments project at Wycoller. We started off with a discussion about what we wanted to achieve now that we have improved the setting and appearance of the three bridges and the hall. We decided to continue with the ruins at the rear of ...

  • Spring Wood before the Bluebells

    Spring Wood before the Bluebells

    Spring Wood, Whalley is best known for its fabulous bluebell display in late Spring. In early spring there is a brief moment when the woodland lights up before the trees come into leaf and shade out the sunshine. Joe has captured this well with these photos.  

  • Pendle`s Hidden Valley: Field Walk 5th April

    Pendle`s Hidden Valley: Field Walk 5th April

    A small group joined by new member, Len, undertook a field walk of a portion of the Hidden Valley, commencing from the track adjacent to St Nicholas’ church. With a very helpful commentary on the history of the area from Brian, the lodges and bank features were pointed out and ancient field boundaries noted. The ...

  • Four Spring Talks plus a Surprise!

    Four Spring Talks plus a Surprise!

    Friday evening’s ‘Four Spring Talks’ was a  relaxed and very enjoyable time.  Alex Whitlock got things off to a good start with a fascinating overview of the pre-historic stone tools found in recent years in the Wycoller area, most of which are of Mesolithic date. Paul Hickman continued the archaeological theme by descibing four digs ...

  • Garden Photos

    Garden Photos

    The Spring sunshine has lit up Park Hill and Barrowford Park on a few occasions recently and the odd flower or blossom has responded. Here are a few photographs taken on 21st and 22nd March.

  • Peter Short Retires

    Peter Short Retires

    After more than 21 years as Wycoller Country Park Warden, Peter Short has decided to take early retirement. We are extremely grateful to Peter for his care of the wildlife and monuments of this beautiful corner of Lancashire. He has greatly encouraged the role of voluntary groups, such as Pendle Heritage Archaeology Group, Friends of Wycoller ...