Local Heritage

Park Hill, Barrowford

The Pendle Heritage Centre supports the conservation and interpretation of Pendle Hill and its countryside, hamlets and villages all of which form part of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

The gateway to the AONB is Park Hill, Barrowford, which is an ancient farming and textile settlement that goes back to medieval times and the Barrowford vaccary set up in the 1200s to produce oxen for the Lord de Lacy.  The centre’s museum tells the story of the buildings and heritage of Park Hill and the Barrowford area. It is open for visitors all year round with a tea room, gift shop and bookshop. The heritage of Barrowford can be traced on a fascinating trail available in the centre bookshop.


Higherford Mill Arts Centre

On the opposite side of Pendle Water is an old toll house while further upstream is Higherford Mill, a pioneering cotton factory now an Arts Centre.  Like Park Hill, these buildings were saved by Heritage Trust for the North West, which has rescued many buildings in the Barrowford area including Lomeshaye Bridge Mill, Whitefield.




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  • Manchester: Alchemical City – Episode 1: ‘Beginnings’ presented by Jeanette Winterson

    Manchester: Alchemical City – Episode 1: 'Beginnings' presented by Jeanette Winterson

    Don’t miss this, it’s superb… Jeanette Winterson presents her personal exploration of Manchester, from its Celtic roots to the present day and beyond. She takes to the streets of the city to tell the stories of the disparate groups and events which formed this combative and insubordinate urban centre. Accrington’s Jeanette was born and works in ...

  • Pendle`s Hidden Valley: Field Reconnaissance 29th November 2014

    Pendle`s Hidden Valley: Field Reconnaissance 29th November 2014

    Nb. Numbers (and RF) refer to features noted on route map below. Letters (A,B,C) related to accompanying photos. Conflicting commitments meant that only Paul, Janet, Richard & Richard were able to make the walk this week. The route was a short one, covering only about 4 km. (D) We began at the mill in Spen Brook ...

  • Elizabethan Map of Lancashire Discovered

    Elizabethan Map of Lancashire Discovered

    A unique 17th century map of Lancashire found at John Rylands Library has been placed on display for the first time in 400 years. The Elizabethan hand-drawn document shows well-known places often with a slightly different spelling of their names. There is a pretty key on the right hand side – Blackburn and Colne are ...

  • Secretary has her first blogging lesson!

    Secretary has her first blogging lesson!

    I’ve just had my first blogging lesson – Heritage in the Press for November. David gave me a difficult task to find the news from other newspapers and cut and copy the links. I hope you enjoy it!



    Snapshot into everyday life of Burnley businessmen in the 1500s  Burnley’s historic links to horse-racing fame  The huge flood of Barrowford: 1967 Painting sheds light on Burnley’s past Ribble Valley link to ‘forgotten’ Shakespeare first folio Historic mill demolition to build homes      

  • Preparing for Christmas

    Preparing for Christmas

    Our 2014 Christmas event went off with its usual aplomb, Jean our fellow Friend and secretary summed the afternoon up saying, “Preparing for Christmas” in the beautiful setting of the barn, at the Heritage Centre. Where we learnt how to make mincemeat, a table decoration and ribbon bows. Where we competed to decorate a gingerbread ...

  • City in the Hills by Ann Kilbey

    City in the Hills by Ann Kilbey

    Our last evening  lecture of 2014 not only had a record attendance, it proved to be a really enjoyable experience for audience and speaker alike (we even had the heating on this time)!  The vast amounts of research that had been undertaken, the inclusion of material sent to Ann by readers of her book to ...

  • Park Hill Barn being surveyed

    Park Hill Barn being surveyed

    If you see someone looking a little ‘suspicious’ around the Barn at Pendle Heritage Centre, don’t worry, it’s likely to be Rupert Hilton!  When the Heritage Centre found that its plans for the barn were out of date and couldn’t be digitized, Rupert volunteered to resurvey it, assisted by David Taylor and David Morris of ...

  • Wolfenden Vaccary – First Look

    Wolfenden Vaccary - First Look

    On Saturday 15th November we set off in hope of finding the Wolfenden vaccary.  After parking in the centre of Waterfoot we walked up Millar Barn Lane to Booth Road and then went in search of the site of an excavation (2009), of a tithe barn near Wolfenden Green.  Unfortunately since that date Waterfoot Primary ...

  • Would you like a Heritage Gardening Group?

    Would you like a Heritage Gardening Group?

    It was a great summer for the heritage centre gardens, they were especially attractive this year… we took quite a few photos! The eighteenth century walled garden is a pioneer of garden restoration, meticulously recreated from historical records. Traditional plants give it an authentic old world character. As gardens go, it’s rather special. Several Friends have suggested ...