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Park Hill, Barrowford

The Pendle Heritage Centre supports the conservation and interpretation of Pendle Hill and its countryside, hamlets and villages all of which form part of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

The gateway to the AONB is Park Hill, Barrowford, which is an ancient farming and textile settlement that goes back to medieval times and the Barrowford vaccary set up in the 1200s to produce oxen for the Lord de Lacy.  The centre’s museum tells the story of the buildings and heritage of Park Hill and the Barrowford area. It is open for visitors all year round with a tea room, gift shop and bookshop. The heritage of Barrowford can be traced on a fascinating trail available in the centre bookshop.


Higherford Mill Arts Centre

On the opposite side of Pendle Water is an old toll house while further upstream is Higherford Mill, a pioneering cotton factory now an Arts Centre.  Like Park Hill, these buildings were saved by Heritage Trust for the North West, which has rescued many buildings in the Barrowford area including Lomeshaye Bridge Mill, Whitefield.




Blog Posts: Local History

  • HERITAGE IN THE PRESS – April 2015

    HERITAGE IN THE PRESS – April 2015

    Here are the heritage stories of the past month… Roger Frost has written an excellent four-part account of the de Lacys, the dynasty which ruled our area in medieval times, plus an interesting article on the grounds of Townley Hall… The first Lords of the Manor in Ightenhill Roger from Hell and his links to Burnley The greatest of ...

  • Art Exhibition in May

    Art Exhibition in May

    From 16th to 31st May, the Heritage Centre will be hosting an exhibition of painting, drawings and prints by Jo Taylor, Geoff Selkirk, Elizabeth Blackadder DBE, Sir Terry Frost and David Hockney.  Organised by Suzanne Beresford, this exhibition is something not to be missed. Further details are HERE.

  • Craggs Archaeological Dig, Hidden Valley, Sabden

    Craggs Archaeological Dig, Hidden Valley, Sabden

    Somehow, we managed to avoid the worst of the showers that swirled round the rest of East Lancashire and managed a day’s excavation on Saturday 25th April. However, it was quite cold. We excavated a trial pit sited adjacent the demolished remains of the Craggs farmstead. We finished at a depth of about 2 ft ...

  • The Manor House at Ightenhill

    The Manor House at Ightenhill

    The site of the Norman Manor House at Ightenhill, near Burnley has been known for many years.  Almost nothing now remains of the building.  The current owner of the site, Ightenhill Parish Council, made a successful bid to the Heritage Lottery fund.  With the help of the local community,  the site and the area around ...

  • Roman Coins – evening lecture by Adrian Lewis

    Roman Coins - evening lecture by Adrian Lewis

    On the eveing of 24th April, Adrian Lewis gave an excellent overview of Roman coins, where they were derived from and how they evolved over time. He emphasised the importance of Greek ideas and forms, including the Goddess Athene and how these spread to Roman coins. However, the portrait quality of Greek coins was always ...

  • How the Walled Garden was (re)created

    How the Walled Garden was (re)created

    On 22nd April, John Miller gave the Historic Gardens Group an excellent illustrated talk on how the Eighteenth Century Walled Garden at the Heritage Centre was restored. At the time the restoration attracted national attention and attracted several VIPs. Here are a few of the slides John showed. ...

  • Historic Gardens Group

    Historic Gardens Group

    The Historic Gardens Group enjoyed some practical gardening on Wednesday (22nd April). Our morning session, in bright sunshine, was followed by lunch in the tearooms and then an illustrated talk by John Miller on how the walled garden was restored (see separate post).  Some of us then had a second go at some gardening. it ...

  • Bluebell Wood begins to flower

    Bluebell Wood begins to flower

    Bluebell Wood is the historic name for the steep woodland behind the Pendle Heritage Centre. It has provided firewood for the house and farm over many centuries. Friends and volunteers are thinning the brambles, branches and leaf cover to allow a more light to the plants on the woodland floor. A horse in the field at ...

  • Trip to Northumberland & Durham

    Trip to Northumberland & Durham

    CLICK HERE for the report of last weekend’s trip to Northumberland (18-20th April).  

  • Bancroft Mill Engine Newsletter

    Bancroft Mill Engine Newsletter

    The latest Bancroft Mill Engine Newsletter is available HERE.