Local Heritage

Park Hill, Barrowford

The Pendle Heritage Centre supports the conservation and interpretation of Pendle Hill and its countryside, hamlets and villages all of which form part of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

The gateway to the AONB is Park Hill, Barrowford, which is an ancient farming and textile settlement that goes back to medieval times and the Barrowford vaccary set up in the 1200s to produce oxen for the Lord de Lacy.  The centre’s museum tells the story of the buildings and heritage of Park Hill and the Barrowford area. It is open for visitors all year round with a tea room, gift shop and bookshop. The heritage of Barrowford can be traced on a fascinating trail available in the centre bookshop.


Higherford Mill Arts Centre

On the opposite side of Pendle Water is an old toll house while further upstream is Higherford Mill, a pioneering cotton factory now an Arts Centre.  Like Park Hill, these buildings were saved by Heritage Trust for the North West, which has rescued many buildings in the Barrowford area including Lomeshaye Bridge Mill, Whitefield.




Blog Posts: Local History

  • For Your Diary – Open Garden and Strawberry Tea – 20th June, 1.30pm to 3.30pm – All Welcome!


    Here are the local heritage stories of the past month. Hot off the press is the Heritage Trust’s restoration of Lomeshaye Bridge Mill, Whitefield, Nelson… Nelson & Colne area… Heritage Trust for NW brings new lease of life for Victorian mill Nelson Whitefield housing scheme up for ‘Oscar’ Victory for Colne ‘Rough’ homes campaigners The heyday of Brierfield Railway Station Pendle ...

  • AGM, Films and Food

    We had a throughly enjoyable AGM on Wednesday evening (27th May) with an excellent turnout. There was a short business meeting comprising reports from the chairman, secretary and treasurer, as well as those from the organisers, followed by some minor changes to the constitution and the re-election of the committee. We then had a wonderful ...

  • Open Evening, Art exhibition at Pendle Heritage Centre

    On Thursday night, (21st May) there was an open evening for the art exhibition in the barn, with the principal artists present. The event was delightful and everyone enjoyed themselves, as the photos show. The exhibition is now in its last week and will end on Sunday, 31st May.  

  • Conservation Work at Sawley Abbey

    As the new Sawley Hall is going up not so far away, English Heritage is continuing its much more modest conservation activities at the Abbey. Here, the ancient walls have mostly lost their outer layers leaving very soft crumbly masonry exposed to the elements. The conservators are carefully re-pointing in soft lime mortar and using ...

  • Tackling the Cornelian Cherry & the art exhibition

    Today at the historic gardens group, we decided to tackle (amongst other things) the Cornus Mas or Cornelian Cherry. Like all cherries, this ancient variety had grown large and dense with many ‘crazy’ branches shooting backwards and forwards through the tree. It was not an easy task working out the effect of each cut and ...

  • Ramsons 1 Bluebells 0

    Every May in Spring Wood, Whalley there is the showdown between the bluebells and the Ramsons (wild garlic). The bluebells normally win the aesthetic contest with wonderful carpets of blue across the woodland floor. However, this year, they were relatively subdued and it was the Ramsons that impressed with almost dizzying  blankets of white. Why ...

  • Repairs at Pendle Heritage Centre

    The Friends are funding various repairs to the heritage centre and barn over the next month or two. We hope these won’t get in the way but apologise for any inconvenience if they do.

  • A Walk to Constant Mary, Read

    Despite very cold and uncertain weather 14 people, mainly members, turned up for what was an informative, and fascinating walk led by Brian Jeffrey to the site of the 18th Century coal mine about which he and Richard gave such a memorable talk last year (Late 18th Century Mechanisation of Dunkirk Coal Pit, Read).  Brian’s ...

  • HERITAGE IN THE PRESS – April 2015

    Here are the heritage stories of the past month… Roger Frost has written an excellent four-part account of the de Lacys, the dynasty which ruled our area in medieval times, plus an interesting article on the grounds of Townley Hall… The first Lords of the Manor in Ightenhill Roger from Hell and his links to Burnley The greatest of ...