Summer Dig Day 1

Broke the ground on the new dig today – loads of Victorian pot in the top soil – down to our first proper context by day end. The dig will be open until next weekend 10:30 am to 3 pm (at least) each day (unless overly inclement). So please feel free to wander along for…

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Craggs Kiln

We have about 10 more days to finish the kiln dig & things are hotting up (relatively speaking). The wall structure (above) seems to have been repaired at least twice. Note colour of the infill either side of the feature. We have lifted a lump of charcoal (below) from the reddish material. We will be…

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Pendle’s Hidden Valley – illustrated talk by Alex Whitlock

Alex gave an excellent talk and update this evening about the Archaeology Group’s  Hidden Valley Project. The Hidden Valley runs from Sabden area through to Blacko and is hidden by Pendle Hill to the north and the much lower Padiham to Barrowford ridge to the south. Alex concentrated on the activities, finds and discoveries of…

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3632002198Trough Laithe site, Barrowford to be developed

Access has been granted to the Trough Laithe site by Pendle Council where up to 500 homes could be built. The area is believed to comprise parts of a medieval pasture enclosure, part of the Forest of Pendle vaccaries complex established around 1290.

In an often tetchy three hour meeting of Pendle Council’s Development Management Committee which saw councillors verbally clash with campaigners on several occasions, councillors voted in favour of Peel’s outline application seeking access to the site off Barrowford Road but reserving matters in terms of scale and design.

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